About Us

The County Blind Society Headquarters and the Llanelli Branch are based at the Llanelli Resource Centre and is managed by the Trustee’s and the Society’s volunteers on a day-to-day basis.

At Llanelli, we operate a drop-in-centre every Monday (open day) and Thursday (by appointment only) which is extremely well supported, we also provide social events throughout the year such as Dinners, several outings and a Christmas Dinner party with about 120 people attending the dinners and about 120 joining us on the outings. These dinners and outings are available to every member of the Llanelli Society.

The centre is fully equipped with  up-to-date computer systems and the different software packages available to assist the Visually Impaired. The Centre also has a full complement of the latest electronic magnification systems, along with specialist lamps, telephones and hand held magnification.