Full Wheelchair Accessibility to Accommodate Everyone

The Stepney Centre is fully accessible, a modern Wheelchair lift is provided which will allow the person and their wheelchair access together to the 1st floor, this unit will be manned by our volunteers.

C.C.T.V Systems
All areas of the building and exterior are monitored constantly by the above systems

Communication Systems Installed
Three way communication is provided on all floors to allow the Visually Impaired or their guide to call for assistance, which includes C.C.T.V

Auto Voice Guidance System
This information system is activated by sensors as people pass them; this gives the audio information of their position within the centre

Disabled Toilet Facilities
The Resource Centre is fully compatible with all legislation in respect of these facilities.

Health & Safety
The Resource Centre complies fully with all aspects of the above legal requirement. With planned maintenance of all systems, Wheelchair Lift, Fire alarms, Burglar alarms and CCTV plus gas checks, P.A.T.Testing and regular safety checks.