Carmarthenshire County Blind Society from Wales

As previously stated this Society is the umbrella body overseeing the three constituent areas of the County: Llanelli, Carmarthen and the Amman Valley Areas.
Each area in principal carries out their services in a similar manner, with some minor alterations.

Amman Valley Area
There are no fixed facilities for either computers or magnifiers, so if these services are required members there, are given assistance to attend at the Llanelli Resource Centre, therefore their committee provide a full calendar of other services such as Christmas gifts, coffee mornings  and extra dinners in the summer and winter periods plus a Christmas dinner.

Carmarthen Area
This area like Llanelli is quite a populated area and the Society has access to some local facilities for use of computers and magnification, however, for the full package, members are assisted with travel to the Llanelli Resource Centre.
The committee at Carmarthen organise a full calendar of events for their members, such as Coffee mornings, two outings and Teas and also a very well attended Christmas Dinner at the Falcon Hotel Carmarthen, plus gifts at Christmas time.

Llanelli Area
This has been fully explained on earlier pages.